The newest edition to our fleet is the increasingly popular, Fassi Crane. “The Fassi” as we call it, has been placed on a 2004 Sterling Acterra positioned with a 19' No-Mar Flatbed. Fassi cranes are made in Italy and have been in existence since 1965 predominantly in Europe; however, their technology has just recently reached the United States.

The Fassi crane has a myriad of uses. Its primary use involves physically picking up vehicles with low ground clearances by the tires and placing them onto a flatbed for transport. It also is used for picking up collector cars and expensive luxury/sport imports that require a flatbed for transport. This technology ensures damage-free transport for your most precious vehicles. In addition, the Fassi can also be used to upright overturned cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

Besides the Fassi's uses in the towing industry, we have used the cranes capabilities in other areas. For example, we purchased a fork-lift attachment for the crane which allows us to pick up pallets of product. This is particularly useful in off-loading tractor-trailers, assisting in load-shifts, and placing roof-top air conditioning units on buildings.

We even used the Fassi crane to place a tree house in a ravine!




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