"Serving this area since 1959"

Any photo that is not real is my representation of their personality!

Since the owners wouldn't let me take their photos I substituted a photo that represents them.You decide which is which.

Floyd Jr. (Skip) is the eldest son of Floyd Sr.. Skip grew up pumping gas, fixing cars, and of course towing. He has been at this for over thirty-five years. Skip runs the shop and spends most of his time keeping Floyd's on the road. You name it he can: Drive it, Fix it, Tow it, Deal with it.

Rick (Super Rick) has also spent his years working in the automotive/truck business. Just like Skip he grew up in trucks. Rick has been at this for over thirty years (Yes he's about five years younger). Rick takes care of the business end of the company but spends a lot of his time driving. Rick is the happiest when he is working a complicated rollover.

Kathy (CCW Chief Check writer) is the most important person associated with Floyd's Towing. SHE SIGNS THE CHECKS!!! Kathy works full time at a local corporation and still finds time to do most of the company's paper work. She also has a full time job keeping Rick, Chad, Chase and Cody in line.

Due to severe pressure from the CCW a real photo is no longer available!

Chad (Office Who*%) has now graduated from college and is employed at a locally run international company. He is the oldest son of Rick. Chad has the unique ability of being able to dispatch, deal with the public AND he can drive trucks. He has been around the shop since he could walk. He has probably spent more time in trucks than I have (I've been there nineteen years). Chad stops in every day at lunch and comes in at night for a couple of hours to dispatch, drive and take care of billing which has been a big help to his Mom, Dad and Uncle.
Chase (QFL [Queer for lights]) is Rick's middle son. Like his bother he grew up riding in wreckers. Half his drive time for his driver's license was spent towing. Chase has also graduated from college and now works full time at Floyd's. He is the company's primary heavy duty tower and recovery driver. However the Fassi is still his baby. There isn't any truck he doesn't or hasn't driven in the fleet. He has also become quite adept at wrenching in the garage and just becoming an all-around company man.

Chad and Chase together. These guys are third generation drivers.

Cody (Code Man) is Rick's youngest son. He graduated college with a BA and is now working on his MA. He works full time at Floyd's. He is a secondary/backup dispatcher but mostly drives rollbacks.
Joe (Smurf) has been employed about seven years at Floyd's. He is one of those guys that does a little of everything to help out. He drives lights, rollbacks and recently has been doing a lot of heavy duty towing. He has been doing more heavy recovery and is learning. It never fails just about quitting time that it gets busy and Joe is there. A good addition to the towing community.
Kevin (Kev) has been driving tow trucks on and off for 18 years. He decided to become a Floyd's pumpkin in 2009. He has become the companies light driver. He LOVES being out on the road and not at the shop ( I wonder why?). Once he gets to work in the morning and climbs in his truck we don't see him until quitting time. The dispatchers keep him busy. Customers love him and more than once he has been specifically requested.
Matt came to Floyd's with no, nada, zip, zero (what's a tow truck?) experience. However he has excelled recently. He is still learning but has become a force in our light duty towing. He is not afraid to work and basically does whatever he is told. He is a good all-around good employee.
Brian has been towing for about 15 years. He came to Floyd's in January of 2011. I don't think he likes most of the day employees because shortly after he was hired he became our night driver. Actually Brian has become very adept at handling the phone and towing after closing time. He has made things easier for the day guys by simply handling the night calls and usually not needing help.
And lastly ME! Rich (Paragod) have been driving those beautiful yellow and white trucks for twenty five years. I've been a firefighter/paramedic twenty three years and work here on my off days. I drive lights, mediums, heavies and work recoveries. My one responsibility is to keep the air bags and the associated equipment up and working. For some reason they have become my babies. I'm also the one who attempts to maintain Floyd's web site. Which lately I have been remiss.

Howard (Howard the Duck) passed away on December 18, 2009 of natural causes.  He had been involved in the towing industry more years than I can comprehend.  He was a great guy that will be missed by both family and friends.

Roger (Office Bitch) passed away on February 27, 2010.  Roger was new to the towing industry but became very good at dispatching in an industry that we all know can be at the best difficult.  He fit in and became one of the guys.  He is missed by his family and his adopted towing family.